A Mighty Hand for the Broken Heart

October 2, 2007
By Kristin Duprie, Bremerton, WA

A shattered heart indeed
Cuts your soul as you gather the bits
Scarred and deceived
You’re too far from your goal

Reaching, reaching
You drive through the pain
To put it all back together
Get life to it’s beginning
To the place where you were whole

You try and try but the pieces get smaller
The puzzle more intricate
You broadcast a plea out into the pitch
But it echoes in the darkness

Loneliness overcomes your strongest emotions
You give up in fear of killing your only chance
At life
At love

But suddenly
No other solution is worthy
The shard is inching closer
Drawing the blood from your wrist
The only way out

As it digs deeper into the flesh
A mighty hand repels the edge
Clouds your visions of the wound
And draws you close

Guilt brings you to tears
Required wisdom was lacking
He was there
But your trust wasn’t

Reassuring, he picks you up
Brushes you off
Heals your broken spirit
Forgets your inconsistencies

They will never compare to the love of God.

Evil is pure temptation
And love is unconditional
The difference is sometimes hidden
As is the decision you have yet to make

But faith is a light in the fog
And trust is shelter in the downpour.

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