If I Could See Your Heart

April 13, 2010
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i am left in the wilderness,
thinking how you feel,
every night seems to last a day,
the torture is unreal,
i never can get to sleep,
and i lie awake all night,
wondering what you think of me,
and if things will be alright,
i only picture in my head,
the good times we have had,
but now the tide has changed direction,
suddenly i am sad,
it's just how things have changed so fast,
from what we had before,
where it was just you and me,
no one and nothing more,
we haven't spent a minute together,
of some quality time,
but you still go out every night,
with others feeling fine,
and whilst you lie next to me,
i just cannot seem to see,
how you truly feel about us,
because you keep it so discrete,
i just keep on staring at you,
seeing your moonlit face,
you are there dreaming away,
but i am feeling a disgrace,
a tear flows down my cold night face,
and it trickles onto my hand,
how can i ever prove to myself,
you want me to be your man,
i just look up in disbelief,
hoping to find inspiration,
yet all i see is our relationship,
with it's disintegration,
i shrug my shoulders against the wall,
and slide down to the floor,
what we once had was magical,
but now it's so obscure,
we once were so happy together,
we never left each other's side,
i always felt your love transmitting off,
but i no longer feel those vibes,
so i pick myself up off the floor,
and place my hand on your head,
i stroke your luscious curvy hair,
as it falls back to the bed,
i whisper to you 'i wish all was well,
and back to how it was',
with all the moments we had such fun,
but now they seem so lost,
i wish i could see through to your heart,
to see if it beats for me,
because my heart only belongs to you,
you only hold the key,
i put my nervous hand on your heart,
to see if i could find a sign,
but only further doubt springs up,
to the forefront of my mind,
i just turn away in despair,
and my eyes begin to cry,
if i can never see your heart,
i guess this is goodbye,
i shake my head and wave farewell,
to my only one true love,
we once possessed masses of hope,
but now i've given up

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