Ghost of My Past

April 13, 2010
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Ghosts of my past
Came out at last.
As they draw nearer,
My body trembles and shakes in fear.
Ghosts of my past came out on a strike,
For years they have rules my life.

Ghosts of my past all have a name,
But to me they are all the same.
Ghosts of my past have done nothing but haunt me,
Keeping me form becoming all that I could and can be.

Ghosts of my past,
It’s time to reveal you at last.
But my fear is too great to turn and face you,
So I turn away and look for a hiding place to run to.
I’ve hid you away for so long,
When out in the open is where you belong.

Ghosts of my past,
They got me to “give up” at last.
As I look at the scars on my wrists from the pain you left inside me,
I stop and ponder if I’ve finally reached insanity.
The pain filled memories come rushing back,
After 10 years I can still feel the leather belt striking me and hear the sickening crack.
The bruises left behind from the beating run up and down my back,
Some greenish-yellow, others a deep purple blue and black.

Ghosts of my past, look at what you’ve done to me,
Because of you I’m scared to be wild and carefree.
Ghosts of my past why do you haunt me still?
I no longer want to be on this dark battlefield.
It’s because of you that I’m scared to love and trust,
And that hurts the ones that care the most.

Ghosts of my past,
You lose this war at last.
I’ve run from you for too long,
But now my heart holds a new song.
You no longer control me,
So now I’m going to show you who I grew to be.
My scars will always be there to reflect the tough times,
But from now on the life I live and lead is going to be mine.

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