Flowing Freely

October 2, 2007
By Erica Jorgensen, Park City, UT

The sun beats down on a hiker
On a difficult hiking trail
Secluded in a canyon
Isolated from the outside world
Listening to the sounds around him
As he follows the trail
Hearing the murmuring
Of the hidden river
He is trying to find

Suddenly he sees it
The deep blue water gushing
Through the canyon
As he approaches it
Dropping to his knees and
He dips his hands in
The water letting it
Flow between his fingers
Before standing to leave

Pausing for a minute
He turns back to the river then
After a moment of thinking
Steps towards it
He lets the water cool down his feet
Smiling with pleasure
Crosses to the middle
Sits in the center
Of the stream

He lets the cool water
Rush over him
Soon he feels the current
Over every rock
Through every meandering
Curve and twist
And soon he flows with it
A piece of the river

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