I would need you (Would you need me?)

April 12, 2010
By Aweddle14 BRONZE, Benson, Arizona
Aweddle14 BRONZE, Benson, Arizona
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What did you want from me?

Left me with broken heart and bended knee
Continually seeking my generous reprieve
Your lies were diminutive and clever,
Slipping through my mental sieves,
Though they were translucent I could not sever
That which I now felt I need,

Your words slithered into my mind, unwelcome worms
Planting seeds of deception,
Forcing me to come to terms,
And feeding the growing misconceptions,

Your kiss was a poison, venomous and fake,
A fabrication to deceive,
In my bleeding heart you were a reverberating ache,
Leaving my damaged emotions on terminal leave,

Your soul is an unsightly smudge upon a white facade,
An awkward appendage in an otherwise decent world,
Your deceit a mediocre masquerade,
Your lies and masks have been unfurled,

The passage of time has been unkind to you my friend,
Morphing you a malleable clay, performing alterations,
Leaving you a mess who lives to condescend,
The girl I once knew, now an aberration,

Reminiscing I look down in obscurity,
Pondering all they’ve done to you,
The loss of your childlike purity,
Your yearning for love misconstrued,

I would need you,
To your mendacity I was a detainee,
Yet I still feel the need to ask you,
Would you need me?

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