Swimming Upstream

April 12, 2010
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Charismatic fun
Laughing at everyone
Not having a care in the world
Now where did that go?

I sit alone at our table
Trying to reach your phone
Because you ditched again
My life was richer then.

Now how am I supposed to go back
To my vanilla
All eyes appraised
When I failed to comply-
Yet again
Bomb all the tests
Since then.

I do not how it became
But now I feel rather maimed
Of my soul
Because you left it at my doorstep
Like it was just a lump of coal
not like how you said
how you said our love was pure gold.

My life was a swirl of fun
But here I am-
Muddled in confusion.
But somehow in that lunchroom
In felt like I was going to change
Like my heart’s pieces
Begun to rearrange.
But I see that I care less now
Oddly enough
The lunchroom quieted itself of loud.

You walked over to me
Mumbling something
Excuses was all I could make out
From your words
The room had not given off a single sound.
About tough paths
Tough roads
‘Yes’ it told you ’so you better go’
I saw relief on your face
and i just knew
If I stayed with you
It would be a disgrace.

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