A Heart of Glass

October 2, 2007
By Kiba Yamiko, Conyers, GA

I never thought I'd be so weak
As to fall for a person like you
I believed in all your lies
I believed every word was true

Why did I ever love you?
Or perhaps it wasn't love at all?
Maybe it was that fatal mistake
That deep breath before the fall

I wish I could turn back the clock
I wish we had never met!
At least then I'd still be me
And not your foolish pet

You lied to always
You said we'd be together
You promised your all
That we would be that way forever

But I guess that I was wrong
Forever must be a short time
You refused to hold my hand
You thought touching was a crime

Well I'm sick of your crap!
I don't want you anymore!
Get out of my life, get out of my head
Don't put your shadow on my door

I've got a fragile heart of glass
And there are peices everywhere
No painkillers could ever kill
This pain I can not bear

My fingers are worn and my hands are cut
But my wounds just can not bleed
I can't seem to pull myself together
There's nothing left that I could need

But hey! Just you wait and see!
I'll find a way to move along
I'll gather up my shattered heart
And then again, I shall be Strong...

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