Silent Room

October 2, 2007
By kaneshia melvin, Clinton, NC

No noise is made in the silent room,
People just sit and stare,
But what is so interesting that brings them all there?
No smiles are shown in the silent room,
Just pointless frowning faces,
Why would people come here of all places?
No giggles of laughter can be heard in the silent room,
There are just serious faces that are shown.
To ask why people are there when the happiness is gone.
No whispers can be heard in the silent room,
Not even a pen drop,
And when there is a noise it’s like time stopped,
As you enter in this room of silence it’s not as quiet as you think,
You look at the faces and it makes you want to cry,
These people are not talking because they’re going to die,
Every one of them in the room has an STD, so who can give them love, hope, and support?
Is it you or is it me?

As you step in the silent room to greet this frowning faces,
You try looking for the right words to say before asking any questions,
The room that was silent is now as talkative as a bee,
As one person to another person begs “Help me”
In the noisy room I know not what to do,
But comfort the innocent,
Who didn’t have a clue,
Many were born with this deadly disease,
Many got it by laying there or getting on their knees.
I cried silently inside as parents came in with teens,
I said a silent prayer; GOD Help ME…
Why is it that the silent room is now a combustion of chaos?
Because the people in here are afraid,
But what can I do when these people are in slaved?
With a disease,
What can I say?
As I called for silence the room was yet again quiet,
And I began to cry,
My feelings I just couldn’t hide it,
No one laughed, talked, whispered, or begged in the silent room,
Tears just fell from their eyes,
And many began to whisper why god why?
I sat in the middle of their circle,
Listening to them cry,
I walked around with tissue so they could wipe tears from their eyes,
I sat silently in the silent room,
Thinking and thinking of what to do…
Now that you know it is quiet what should we as people do?

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This article has 1 comment.

promise000 said...
on Oct. 2 2008 at 2:11 pm
This is deep. It reminds me of wind and hugs. Good job. Keep up the strong work!!!!


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