Like Seasons of Death

April 12, 2010
By Sarah Patrick SILVER, Brunswick, Ohio
Sarah Patrick SILVER, Brunswick, Ohio
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I can smell the summer rain
It's closer than yesterday's pain
The days of tears, dressed in black
Days of emotions I thought I lacked
A little girl without a clue
That death could tear a heart in two
And it smelled like rain the day you died
Mixed with tears from eyes that cry

The winter breeze smells like a dream
Like everything is better than it seems
The months, the days, and the years..
They're all gone - they don't stay here
My tears freeze to white on the ground
How many nights I've wished you were around
Winter smells like a fallen friend
Forever buried; you've met your end

Seasons become the only enemy we know
Changes are better from the rain to the snow
And it smells like goodbye when memories begin to fall
But hold on to the rain and time will heal all

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