The Taste of Childhood

April 12, 2010
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Little girl, eyes so blue
Never knows just what to do
Hangs on to memories from the past
Many of them too sweet to last
Like the taste of romance on her lips;
A lover's kiss too tempting to resist
Pictures of children held in her hands
A timeless effort - this memory between friends
It rains like the flavor of morning's new day
And lasts with the promise that forever will stay
But lovers don't last and friends turn to dust
The sun reappears and the rain becomes a must
A kiss turned sour from time that is gone -
Disappeared forever like the melody to our song
The lyrics hang on as a reminder to the pain
And it tastes like drowning when you can't reach the drain
She holds onto memories 'cause nothing at all is left
Every trip, every was all just a set
We could try at our best to change the things that were said
But she's already gone, her eyes already dead.

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