I have a few things i would like to say

October 1, 2007
I have a few things i would like to say,
I have a few things i would like to do,
even though i truly don't know you.

How can you live your life knowing a part of you is somewhere in the world?

They are wondering,
they are thinking of a father that everyone has.

You leave them,
and in pain.
you don't care.
or give a damn where they are.

Your heartless mind,
your selfish heart,
teaches me to be a stronger person.

The questions that i have,
seem to me will never be answered.
All this is a past memory.

I didn't really know you.
i never truly will.
all those years without a dad.
but now someone has taken your place.

Hes one that cares.
and is always there.
he tells me he loves me.
something you have never done.

He was here when i experienced so much
hes talked to me about things.
something you could of done.

Maybe someday you'll act like a man and stop throwing your life away.
realize what you lost...
your kids.

Some people say their kids is the best thing that's happened to them.
But to you it was the worst.

You just left.
without giving us a chance.
i may have cried,
i may have screamed.
but i was only a kid.
i didn't know right from wrong.
thats something you had to teach me.

You never could.
maybe you weren't ready for a kid.
i truly don't know.
maybe someday I'll find out.

I have so many unanswered questions.
something i can't ask you.
because your gone.

Well..If you ever decide to care.
if you ever.
wonder or maybe even think about how i am doing.
I'm in a place where I'm loved and cared for.
So you don't have to worry.
if you ever did.

Even though you caused me pain, heartbreak, and tears.
All this made me a stronger person.
and if it wasn't for you I wouldn't be here.
I thank you.

If you would of cared.
If you would of loved.
I wouldn't be in this place i call home.
I wouldn't of found this family,
the greatest friends or the love of my life.
I found all this because of you.

I said the things i had to say,
I did the things i had to do.
I thank you for not caring,
I thank you for not loving.
I'm better off with out you..

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