April 12, 2010
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What if all was known?
What if the future was held in our minds,
and the looking glass was nothing but child's play?
What if fortune tellers roamed the earth every day?

what if there were no worries and there was no unknown?
What if everything happens
when it is supposed to happen?

And when one dies,
it is not sad.
Gets sick,
it is no surprise.
It is no shock
because it is expected.

What if we were aware of the news before it occurred?
No media;
No confusion.
No hours of pondering if she'll take you back,
because you know she won't.

What if little baby rabbits could hop into the crest of a tree
before a fox arrived to quench its famine?
They would starve.
They would die.
And it wouldn't be expected.

Then we wouldn't know.
Because if we were aware of
what would happen,
and we could act on it before it occurred,
we could prevent tragedies.
But when one door closes, two other doors open.

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