Being A Borderline - Found Poem

April 12, 2010
Being A Borderline,

feels like eternal hell.
Nothing less,
Pain, ?



never knowing
how I’m gonna feel from one minute,

to the next.
Hurting because I hurt those

who I love.?
Feeling misunderstood.
Analyzing everything.

Nothing gives me pleasure.
Once in a great while?
I will get “Too happy”
and then anxious because of that.

Then I self-medicate with alcohol.
Then I physically hurt myself.?
Then I feel guilty because of that. Shame.
Wanting to die but not being able

to kill myself,
because I’d feel too much guilt

for those I’d hurt
and then feeling angry about that so,
I cut myself or O.D. to make
all the feelings,

go away.

Quote from : BDP Central

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