April 11, 2010
By Selina Barrett BRONZE, Grants Pass, Oregon
Selina Barrett BRONZE, Grants Pass, Oregon
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In a land of rubble and flies
Coldness flooded the once flaming skies
There was nothing but our illness and cries
How we yearned for liberating demise

My fellow Phoenix dropped another tear
As in the distance a figure drew near
I watched, too numb to have fear
As the being lowered to my feathered ear

'Follow me,' the faceless one said
Taking my fragile, cold body as it bled
Promising salvation as from the ashes we fled
Carrying me towards the horizon ahead

At the skyline my faded strength grew
My sense of wonder alas shone through
Gold clouds hung where the sky once was blue
As above the bare earth we silently flew

When the bright sun from the darkness arose
My faceless savior sang a sweet song of repose
Releasing me where boundless love grows
A glorious haven that divinity bestows

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