The Spiral Path

April 11, 2010
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To this realm I was delivered in infancy
Within a structure of man
Among towering metal,
Blinding glass plaguing this land
Where humankind peaked in destructive arrogancy
Wonder and mysticism falling to dormancy
Children absorbed by the screen
The lone moon waning, unseen

To grim society I was legally bound
A student of morality
Summoned to pledge a bleeding flag
Stars and stripes of lethality
Monuments rise to the sky as men fall to the ground
The primal voice of man buried by combative sound
Mothers sobbing on their knees
The lone moon waning past the trees

To lone solace and divinity I soon must flee
In love, from war I depart
Only the trees pierce my sky
Bullets may ravage no heart
Monuments crumble, from gunshots I am free
The waxing moon beams, loving essence speaks to me
Rise, my peers, in war you shant die
The star spangled banner is a lie.

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