As my Soul Broke Apart

October 1, 2007
When darkness clouded my reality,
And could have ended as a sad fatality.
You showed up as a light house in the distance,
Yet still unaware of my simple existence.

The thought of being near you every single day,
Had managed to keep all my plans quite far at bay.
I simply observed your kind face from afar.
I had heard your name; it was all I knew of who you are.

Breathless. That day you came and spoke to me.
Wordless. When you sat on my left, so gently.
It had been a shock the first time I glanced at you.
But at this time, I knew not what to do.

You spoke to the floor, as you asked for my name,
Thinking this must be a joke, I answered with shame.
And my heart broke to pieces as you suddenly fled,
That hole in my soul was torn open, as my tears were shed.

Dashing, to retrieve a quick peace of mind.
In my hideout, not a happy surprise to find.
A friend lying on the drenched floor,
Wearing a towel, nothing more.

With blood streaking her body and face,
Mistreatments and beatings, showing all over the place.
She had been killed by a mad man it seemed.
Then I figured it was the boy of whom I dreamed.

He was seeking repentance when he came to my side,
In my love and passion, he had been trying to hide.
With all the glances I had sent his way,
All those games I went to, just to see him play.

He had eventually noticed in the end,
My forgiveness he had decided to try and bend.
With his friends, he created a devastating scheme.
To make a few people in pain, tremble and scream.

Obviously, it had taken him a few weeks to put it all together.
Not realizing it would emotionally scar me forever.
And on this faithful day, he had researched quite well.
It all came down to where he bided my friend farewell.

My secret hiding spot had been discovered at last,
By the only one person I loved, and the world was so vast.
Lured her with promises, how could anyone resist his charming smile.
Was taking a life something so worthwhile.

I did what I had to that faithful day,
The truth had been showed to me by some poor boy gone astray.
So I decided to do what my heart told me all along.
I should not have lingered on this path, it had been so wrong.

As the pounding in my chest was getting hard to bear,
The whole wide world deserved to know, I had to share.
And that darkest day, I did it.
I told on that boy, said the crime he did commit.

After his sentence, for me it still was not over.
He did not deserve to have his life, he had taken another.
I promised myself and vowed to destroy,
All those who try and eliminate innocent joy.

After all, I never did forget that overwhelming boy.
How I had been his little puppet, just a simple toy.
I learned not to trust, unless proven wrong.
Because one small action, can turn a lyric into song.

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