October 1, 2007
By Ina Joshi, Palatine, IL

The rain and the shine
there is love and there is hate
the water is gone

That is a poem i wrote a couple months ago in class. Every time i see it, i can think of so many different things it could mean. There is the surface meaning and then you can just keep going deeper and deeper and in o many different directions with it. My english teacher always says you aren't done reading something until you relate it to your life somehow. I hate writing papers where you have to do that, but I think my theacher is completly right. Especially when it comes to poetry. There is always a connection. I think you should interpret things your own way, without anyone speaking their opinion first. I have no right, as the other, to say what this poem means, because it will mean something a little different to eveyone.

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