Heaven is a Rainy Place

October 1, 2007
By Heather Morris, Bremerton, WA

I came out here to tell you it rains in my mind all day long.
I want to escape it so bad and find my way back tonight.
I'm miserable out here without you.

I found my way back last night yet I'm lost again.
I'm having trouble remembering which way I came in.
The signs are all leading in the same direction.
I'm lost without you near.

I seek a place in my mind to find you again,
but all I find are flashes of memories that aren't real.
Flashes of a life without you here.
I don't think I could survive that torture.
I can't seem to find a memory of the time spent with you.
I only see the nightmare of never knowing you.

Please help me find my way back to you tonight,
Back to my home, the place where I belong....
In your arms.

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