Smile Button

April 8, 2010
By ShelbeyNicole GOLD, Mt. Vernon, Washington
ShelbeyNicole GOLD, Mt. Vernon, Washington
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"Unable are the loved to die, for love is immortality." -Emily Dickinson

Smile Button

I used to have a Smile Button
pinned onto my heart, tucked
in right next to Happiness,
Love and Joy.
There was a boy who
could almost control it.
Whenever I was with him,
the button had been pressed.
I almost had to be
hospitalized because of it.
I guess you could call it
"Smile Overload."

But one day a stranger
visited me while i daydreampt.
With my mind aloof,
(most likely off in a world filled
with daisies and unicorns and
yes, my prince charming),
this stranger took something from me.

As my eyes fluttered, slowly opening until
they could not anymore,
I saw a black figure walk out my door.
The items in his hand caught my eye.
It was my Smile Button--
its yellow face, its eyes trapping Happiness, Love,
and Joy in the black, endless pits.
Blood climbing out of the hole
my Smile Button left of my
heart split in two.

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