One Night

April 8, 2010
By jdrch BRONZE, Baltimore, Maryland
jdrch BRONZE, Baltimore, Maryland
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When I’m asked, “Who is it?” “Who is my true love?”
I answer she’s my life; she’s out of this world
I lose my mind just seeing her gorgeous lips
I lose my sight staring straight into her eyes
I can’t help myself from fainting as she smiles
I wish for the courage to ask her for one dance

One night, I will ask her for that special dance
Mid-night come, she’ll see my devotion, my love
Then everything will change, she’ll faint as I smile
That night, I and she will be free from this world
I’ll be able to see straight into her eyes
As I move closer and closer to her lips

We’ll meet; hand in hand, face to face, lips to lips
We will be free from everyone as we dance
That night, I’ll see the affection in her eyes
In her eyes I’ll see her devotion, her love
Those beautiful eyes, the deepest in the world
In that dark depth, there will be one light, my smile

On that night, she will embrace her stunning smile
She’ll preserve the magnificence of her lips
Her lips, the most charismatic in the world
Only one emotion will show as we dance
One emotion that will fill the darkness, love
Love will be the only light in every eye

But nowhere as much as it’ll be in my eyes
No one’s smile will show as much charm as her smile
None will disrupt our passion, our undying love
Nothing will disrupt the unforgettable lips
Nobody will disrupt our motion, our dance
No one will disrupt us, no one in this world

That day, they will all see us, all in the world
They will stare at us with envy in their eyes
Because no dance will be better than our dance
They’ll pretend to be happy with their fake smiles
But nothing will trouble the meeting of lips
Nothing will trouble my devotion, my love

‘Til that night, I wish for that dance, for those lips
I wait patiently to see her smile with my eyes
One night our love will prevail in this world

The author's comments:
im not a big fan of this peice but my teacher loves it and she suggested i post it so enjoy

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