"Who you were to me"

April 8, 2010
By Stefcia BRONZE, Solon, Ohio
Stefcia BRONZE, Solon, Ohio
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I feel as if I know you
Like we met on this dreary day a time before and you let me look into your soul
You were so bare then, vulnurable, real.
You were so pure it was toxic-and I breathed you in.
I know I know you from somewhere, I can feel a thick layer of an intense past-we've must've crossed paths-in some life.
'Cause I remember holding you, I remember so vividly the creamy silk of your skin
and your lips
I remember when they once belonged to me.
You were once a part of me,
so bare and true.
Look at what this world has done to you!

Now I hardly recognize you under all these layers,
when did you become so hard to get to?
I remember I use to fit myself in the very center of you.
I didn't even have to look at you-
I could feel your core
pulsating and vibrating in the air,
you were alive then, back when,
you were mine.

Now you're nothing but evidence
Evidence of time and what it can do
when you let it catch up to you

I remember when we would out race time
And life was more than expectations and lists.
It was just you and I, I and you
no laws, no science, no rules.

I remember when clothes were just dead layers of skin
and I would peel them from you
in order to
expose your true beauty.
Now you hug your garments close as if they are your security.
I remember when I was your safety
I was all you needed
I would be anything you asked

I remember when love was not a weakness but a precious gem founded by those with keen sense of sight
now it seems as if you've gone blind.
You let time eclipse you from all that was real, all that was true.

Now you're led by artificial light and have lost sight of the fact that I love you
and what we created was beyond special and surpassed perfection-
we were synched together, you were my melody that somehow got off key
and I thought with a little time, you would come back to me
but you see,
time is the enemy
he stole the very essence of who you use to be.

You are EMPTY!
Like a vessel you mean nothing,
nothing without me

It won't be too long before you can't breathe without me.
I was everything you needed, anything you wanted me to be

Now you look me DEAD in my face and I can see
that you don't even know me

The author's comments:
Writing, I blieve, is in my DNA. It is in my bloods and I feel it dance in my veins. Through writing I found a voice when it was hard for me to speak. Now I attend Solon highschool where creativity is nonexistant (in most cases).
This poem is a story about whatever you make it. When I write it's almost as if there is some supernatural force that takes over my soul and I write stories that do not belong to me so I hope that you enjoy- I certainly love this piece.

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