April 8, 2010
By LauraLola SILVER, Lauderdale Lakes, Florida
LauraLola SILVER, Lauderdale Lakes, Florida
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There are a total of 30 people in my class
Made mostly of chicks that always sass
Most are whores to tell you the truth
And trust me none of them are cute
They think they’re all that but are truly so ghetto
‘I don’t respect myself’ is their exemplary motto
They don’t really mean any wrong
They just don’t know where they belong
Sometimes I wish I could share my values
Let them know that real women have rules
See, I was born and raised in Canada
Where chicks act and talk ‘Prada’
Us Canadian women value ourselves so strongly
Like the diamond on the cover of the magazine ‘weekly’
Now I’m not trying to say that I’m any better
Than the chicks who sing that song ‘wetter’
I’d never sell myself let alone disrespect myself
For I hate the word ‘disrespect’ all by itself
I just hope one day
That it might be okay
For me to be an example in these girls’ say

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