April 8, 2010
Her world is falling apart
She's dying of a broken heart
Wondering why God wasn't there
Wondering why he didn't care
Wondering why he didn't stop her fears
Or why he didn't wipe her tears
Wondering why he didn't hold her near
Everyday calling out for help
Her cries fell on deaf ears
Her life is filled with new fear
Fear that she won't stop
The addiction has its hold
Depression has control
She craves the pain
To her it's not just a game
The pain is welcomed
She craves to cut
A voice speaks to her
"Please don't"
"It doesn't hurt just you"
"It hurts me too"
The tears begin to fall
He finally draws her near
Her addiction is defeated
She is free at last
Free to love and laugh
She gave her whole heart
To God and the man she loves
He knows the feeling of addiction
But of a different kind
They are in love
"Together Forever" he says
The world says "to young it'll never last"
They are free
They are you and me

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miracle_of_hope said...
Aug. 2, 2011 at 8:01 pm
wow honestly im not sure i posted it but i wrote something becouse of feeling the same way
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