The Day I Died

April 8, 2010
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Shoulder to shoulder; we were just passing by.
The look in her eye said I was just another guy.
Seasoned with disinterest, and a hint of disgust.
Little did she know, this yearning was more than simple lust.
As a matter of fact, it was quite complex.
We hardly knew each other, but I knew that she was next.

Until my heart dropped with the next few steps.
Laying on the floor, it began to paint the tiles red.
Leaving me a message; and this is what it said:

"Dear tavita,
oh you poor, poor soul. Always asking why, but I assure you that you know.
By now, I'll just assume you've realized, its not the size of your pocket,
the way you look, or what you drive.
In fact, Its all about heart.
And I swear you'd already have her if you hadn't torn that apart.
I know you still have a few pieces,
and I'm sure you'll make due.
but before you find a way to hold her hand, son, you'll have to find you.
Don't think too much about it; thats never any good.
Just promise me you wont be found standing in a place you've already stood."

I took a few more steps;
the message was still unclear.
My breathing grew heavy, for I was chokin on fear.
Still, I mustered up the strength to make to the door.
But coincidentally, she too was leaving the store.

Blinded by her beauty, I struggled to find where I parked.
While she stood glowing in perfection;
Her dark hair, and dark heart.
I found it somewhat sensual how she held onto her sorrow.
For just like I, she didn't believe in the theory of tomorrow.

Our minds were so close,
yet we were so far apart.
And I can't quite remember her face, for the world had gone dark.

All I remember, is trying to hide.
Then she took me by the hand and I collapsed and died.

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