"Why Is It So Hard?"

October 1, 2007
By Kelly Gara, Westfield, IN

Why it so hard?
Sometimes I don't understand.
How it can be all right one minute,
And the next it seems the world has come to an end.

Why is it so hard?
How come I can't come to grips.
With the reality of the situation,
That's clearly written on fate's lips.

Why is it so hard?
I wear a mask every day.
To hide my pain from the world,
So it doesn't have to ask me if I'm okay.

Why is it so hard?
To deal with the hurt inside.
I'm sinking deeper every day,
Like the moon pulling the tide.

Why is it so hard?
I think about them every day.
I know they don't like me,
I just wish they'd see me in a different way.

Why is it so hard?
To find God when I need him.
I pray every day,
But I just can't win.

Why is it so hard?
My pillow is stained with tears.
It's a common occurence now-a-days,
As I pour out my sadness and fears.

Why is it so hard?
To tell someone how you feel.
Without feeling like a fool,
When they really don't care.

Why is it so hard?
All I want is a chance.
For you may not see me tomorrow,
It may be my last dance.

Why is it so hard?
I wish I could be happy now.
But it's hard don't you see?
Now you see how.

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