April 8, 2010
By Katrina Monson BRONZE, Amery, Wisconsin
Katrina Monson BRONZE, Amery, Wisconsin
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The car ride down was really long,
But it wasn’t so bad since we brought food along.
We stopped at Culver’s to have some dinner;
I ordered a kid’s meal and felt like a winner.
We arrived in Madison later that night,
And we decided to stay in without a fight
The next day, we arose bright and early in the morning,
And came down to breakfast without a single warning.
Some exciting games were played,
And through all of them we stayed.
For lunch we headed to The Nitty Gritty,
Thank God the food there wasn’t spitty.
At ten o’clock, the pool was calling,
So we put on some suits and did some balling.
For the pool had a cool basket,
And we played so hard we could have been put in a casket.
Saturday morning, we got to sleep in,
Because the games started after ten.
The championship games were the most amazing by far,
And made me aspire to be a star.
In that moment I had a dream
Which for the first time, did not involve eating ice cream
That yearning brought me out to the hoop,
Instead of sitting on my back stoop.
At the pool that night there were some mean little boys,
Who threw things at us like balls and toys.
When we asked them to stop they wouldn’t quit,
But we acted mature and didn’t throw a fit.
The next morning everything was packed up,
And we threw away all the garbage down to the very last cup.
All the way home we played Catch Phrase,
But we were all so tired we went through it in a daze.

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