Rueful Actions

April 11, 2010
By Anonymous

Blood falling drip drop, Into the sink, clock going tick tock, Time going so slow, Maybe I should stop this blood flow, The white sink, stained red
My pale skin, I already look dead, Now you, my dear, You should be here, This was your wish, wasn’t it?
Your wish for me to go away, No one told me I could stay, You run around with your friends, Looking for things to say to me, that will offend, Because aren’t you always glad, When your words make me more sad?
You hate for no reason at all, Do you have a reason? It must be small.
For, even you have said out loud, I did nothing to you, I didn’t make a sound
Yet, hate me, you do
Kill me? you probably would, Though now you’ll never get a chance
To see my blood and tears mix, while I’m watching death advance
So now you see, You cant get me
Though in hell ill be, ill still be free
If you didn’t really hate me, Its too late now to feel sorry
Because as you reading this right now, I’m dancing in flames, underground

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