Someone save me

April 11, 2010
By Anonymous

someone come save me from this brilliantly colored world.
that fades away from me. where once there was light shadows now lay.
from once that was colored now turns to greys.
help me to find sight,site i have lost.
for i can not see yet i am not blind.
i can not speak and yet im not mute.
i hear nothing you say and though i am not deaf.
everything passes by me in fast motion.
yet i feel as if i am frozen, frozen within place.
exactly where i fell, fell to the ground from so high in the sky.
all around me i know there is life, yet i feel none around me.
i see the colors that lie all around, yet it seems so gloomy so dull and dark.
someone come save me, save me from falling, falling further away.
i'v broken down, down into a million pieces.
for once that i held so deeply inside. forced its way out , out to the surface.
where i broke out in tears, tears that never end.
when will it end, where will i go.
when will the world stop spinning around, around me in circles and yet i never move.
no longer can i hold on, on to the pain, the sadness, its tearing me apart.
the fake smile i wear upon my face,the tears i shed when im alone.
the pain i have that never fades.
someone come save me, save me from myself, save me from the pain that never ends.

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