October 1, 2007
This is my life
My paradise of hatred
My peaceful world
Of pain and sacrifice
This is my life
So great but yet so hollow
My corner of perfection
Of haunting regret and shame
You do not know
What lies beneath
The stupid smiles
The carefree shrugs
It is all but normal
This is my life
My uncharted ocean of insanity
My jungle of personality
That I cannot control
I feel your stare
I know that I’m the oddity
I know no one believes in me
So I lock myself up
In my webs of twisted loneliness
And throw away the key
And I can hear it echo as it hits the cold stone floor
This is my life
My make believe reality
My evil imagination
My fortress of disgust
And as I ramble on and on
You start to turn away
I need you to listen to me
You need to believe me
Because I have nothing to hold on to
I’m slipping away
I need to have something
That I can trust
Something that isn’t going to turn around
And laugh in my face
This is my life
And as far as I can see
It’s made of mixed up messed up fear and
Physical profanity
It seems so weak
But actually
It’s forever never ending
To me
It’s neverending

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