I would rest with my eyes closed

October 1, 2007
I would rest with my eyes closed and dream of you
I would picture you running through the door
And taking me away
Saving me from the devil and torture
And I would do anything just to see your face again
But at the same time it leaves me scared
I couldn't tell you what happened that night; you'd be too devastated
I've dreamed of your loving home for so long now
I would be a happy little pumpkin if I ever got to visit it again

I want you to know how I feel
Maybe I'll wake up from this nightmare
You know I love and miss you, right?
And if only you knew
That I know how you feel about her
I feel the same way too
I wish you had taken me away
You knew she was a horrible person
So how come you left me
Night after night
Curled up by my nightstand
Crying until I got headaches
Stomach aches erupting like volcanoes
Why didn't you save me, Mark?

Deprived every day of your embrace that I longed for
Starving for your voice
And when I think of you I am torn
Tell me the truth; did you not want to play dad?
I can't go on like this, Mark
And the tears that I silently cry for you
Make my eyes puffy and numb
Why are you giving me headaches?

I'm looking at you through a fence
I can't get to you
I long for you to throw over a chainsaw
So I can take it down
I turn the other way and run away fast
Hoping that you will chase me

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