The River

April 10, 2010
By Frizzedliz BRONZE, Harvard, Massachusetts
Frizzedliz BRONZE, Harvard, Massachusetts
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Oh river! Oh river!
Your divine waters flow,
through mountains so high
and valleys so low.

As warm winds blow
‘cross your surface so pure,
the ripples created
run fast to the shore.

The bubbles that float
like luminous pearls,
bring out your great beauty,
and set it awhirl.

Combined all together,
the green, blue and white,
inside of my river;
What a wondrous sight.

The sun makes you sparkle

as you bubble along,
and celebrate merrily
in a “spring-is-here!” song.

The melodies you sing
pierce through the air,
to ears of the passerby
who sometimes stand there.

And the secrets you tell those,
who know how to listen
are hidden below
those depths that do glisten.

No matter how old
the earth seems to get,
you’ll always be here,
your consistent path set.

Oh river! Oh river!
Run deep and strong,
magnificent yet ancient,
and wise in your song.

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