April 9, 2010
By ff5fan SILVER, Loganville, Georgia
ff5fan SILVER, Loganville, Georgia
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Favorite Quote:
Let us so live that when we come to die even the undertaker will be sorry.
-Mark Twain

Is it real?,
This "thing" that you feel,
This "thing"that gives you butterflies,
And puts a sparkle in your eyes,
This "thing" that fills you full of joy,
When you see that certain boy,
This "thing" that surrounds you just like a mist,
And makes others cease to exist,
This "thing" you feel just like a dream,
This "thing" that makes you want to scream,
In your highest and loudest voice,
That your beloved makes you rejoice,
This "thing" that makes you laugh and cry,
And always makes you wonder why,
This "thing" that makes you very sad,
When the one you love is feeling bad,
This "thing" that gives you an ache,
And makes you want to dance and shake,
Like a bug when you get bit,
You simply know that you've got it,
This "thing"that, just like a high fever,
Love will make you a believer,
So,yes, I do believe in love,
Because it came from God above.

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