Past, Present, Future

April 9, 2010
By Stevo78 BRONZE, Henderson, Nevada
Stevo78 BRONZE, Henderson, Nevada
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The past is a scary place
Full of wars, fights, and a presidential face
Many bad things for the world around
But all coming off pound by pound
Some things where good others bad
It made the Earth very sad
Right here, right now things are changing
For the good, the bad, things are rearranging
It’s the present day, and we can change our lives
So give everyone you see a big high five
Our nation is growing its going sky high
So we better live it now before we all die
The future holds many things
It can make your mind and others ding
It’s supposed to be good, with flying cars
Just like eating a Hersey’s candy bar
People don’t know when the world’s going to end
So live your happy, and hang out with friends

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