My Spring Break

April 9, 2010
By soccerblondy1020 BRONZE, Henderson, Nevada
soccerblondy1020 BRONZE, Henderson, Nevada
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Sitting at the beach
eating a peach
with my toes in the sand
trying to get tan
with my family for spring break
a vacation we did take

Looking at the ocean from 14 stories high
it was so pretty i thought i was going to cry
a wall made out of windows open to the air
all my friends back home say its just not fair
watcing funny movies
drinking some good smoothies

Eating my pancakes,burgers, and steaks
eating whatever my mom chose to make
down the street to the diner
where the meals were made finer
mootime is close by
we thought we'd give their desserts a nice try

This spring break went so fast
i really wish it would last
life at the beach
ah so sweet
this was such a treat
a fun time with my family at the beach

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