Becca W.

April 9, 2010
By , Henderson, NV
Becca is her name and cheer is her game. Blonde hair, green eyes looking at her is like a 1000 butterflies. I see her all the time, It so obvious shhe wishes she were mine. Her middle name is Morgan; isn't that pretty? too bad it's used all over the city. Hearing her voice is like a screechy chalkboard, oh boys please help me lord. Everywhere I go she's always there, we even have matchimg underwear! Don't get me wrong I love her to death but she reminds me so much like our personal chef. Stupid yet cunning; annoying and funny. Do me a favor don't take this hard I could've lied and got you a card. Remember it's not you it's me. Who am I kidding it's you! Love you see you soon.

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