the runaway

April 9, 2010
I was tired of them treating me like a kid
Yelling for something else wrong that I did
No one understands or listens to me
Children aren't here to be heard but to see
I wanted to die to just disappear
To vanish anywhere else but not here
I wanted to prove I could last on my own
To be left by myself to think be alone
So I packed up my stuff in the midst of the night
Thinking to myself it will all be alright
I climbed out my window
I whispered goodbye
I said now I'm ready which I knew was a lie
I didn’t know where I was going
I didn’t know where I was
Then three people approached me
And held out a gun
I froze in my tracks couldn’t move couldn’t stay
Then in the distance I saw a car heading our way
Closer and closer the car came to be
The others just ran away and left me
I wanted to leave I wouldn’t let myself dare
The next moment both of my parents were there
We talked and cried and got in the car
I found out that running from life doesn't get you to far

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