April 9, 2010
By , Greeley, CO
Heat and rain,
running the days.
Happiness and gain,
meeting my gaze.

A still breeze,
Brushes the leaf.
A cold taunt and tease,
Readies myself.

Now brings white,
to erase the color
It strains the sight,
What a bother.

New colors appear,
as bitters cease.
No need for fear,
I walk with ease.

Repeated seasons,
again and again.
I want new seasons,
No more 'again'.

I need a season,
that doesn't cloud.
that doesn't lessen,
that doesn't drought.

I need a season,
that clears the gray.
that brings reason,
to the day.

None can match,
Knowledge cannot fill.
this is the catch,
The season is

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