Your hands are stained

May 22, 2008
By Anne Forzley, Lemont, IL

Don’t you dare come near me
Not even one more step
Haven’t I done enough?
All your vicious secrets I have kept
I swear I’ll pull this trigger
Bet you don’t think I’m as strong
Bet you thought you beat that out of me
After enduring this for so long
You’ve taken my skin, my blood, my body
Everything, as theft
Now this bullet lies between us,
It’s all that I have left
You have broken me completely
Ripped away my sanity at the seams
I’ve lost all humanity
Your effect has been extreme
How can you sit there, and smile?
You don’t even remember what you’ve done
But the alcohol isn’t the only blame
For this monster you’ve become
I always thought maybe someday you’d stop
Desperately, hoping soon
But you’ll never stop
And it’s me who has been ruined
I will wear these scars knowing
That I never let you win
As this time passes so painfully slow
My patience is running thin
My hand slowly trembles,
But my heart is hard as a rock
As suddenly my hand is relieved
The chain around my ankles been unlocked
Before I knew it,
Your lifeless body was all the remained
And though these scars are tattooed on me,
It’s your hands that will forever be stained
This isn’t who I wanted to be
You have exceedingly twisted my nerves
But this is who I am
And you got what you deserved

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