Private Suicide

May 22, 2008
By Manda-Mae Lepard, Lincoln, MI

Roads to nowhere come and go,
Just as winter always snows.

Ravens fly high above.
Never wanted never loved.

And all I’ll do is think of you,
How you hurt me you'll have no clue.

And all I’ll do is cry tonight.
I clench my teeth and think of spite.

And when I look into your eyes,
I think to myself it's no surprise,

That you ditched me when you could,
Never loved I never would.

Now as I take my last breath,
I feel the aching claws of death.

I bring the knife closer to my veins,
As I think of all the names,

That you called me behind my back.
I can't believe you'd be slack.

I hate you now more than ever.
Now my veins I’ll have to sever.

As the blood runs down wrist,
I think of family, friends, and how they'll miss.

As I fall down to the floor,
My world, my life, is nevermore.

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