He Tells Her

May 21, 2008
He tells her that he loves her,
And wishes he was back.
He tells her he will be okay,
And he will soon be leaving Iraq.
He tells her of his advetures.
She has hope that he won't die.
When she reads his letters from Iraq,
She tries not to cry.
He tells her how much he misses her,
And says that she is the only person he needs.
Tears fall from her face,
To the letter that she reads.
She got another letter,
But it gave her a hint
That he wasn't coming back home,
Because the letter wasn't in his print.
The letter was what she thought it was.
She didn't want to believe what she had read.
She burned the letter in the fire,
Because it told her he was dead.

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Asteria said...
Oct. 27, 2010 at 8:22 pm
This poem is very good... Very personal. And can relate to anyone who has lost someone in the war. Good Job!!!
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