May 21, 2008
I take you by the hand
And lead you down a path
The path is vapid mirrors
The mirrors are your past
The mirrors begin to shatter
We’re dripping thick with blood

Welcome to the show
Please take a seat
Is this reality?
Or just another dream

Interrogated by the angels
About the life you led
Stuck behind these gates of gold
Her defiant self left back in time

We lay awake at night
Our disillusioned fantasy
A dissection of the life you once led
And now you say “I just can’t take this anymore”

A folded note and broken mirror
A towel stained with red
Her emotions in a tangle
The room begins to swirl
You were mother’s perfect angel
And daddy’s little girl
Now they’re just despondent
As they clutch your wrinkled photo
Mother’s cheeks are streaked from crying
As her little girl lies dying

The angels’ kicked you out
Your distressed soul went underground
The mirror past has shattered
You’re the devil’s servant now

You begin to regret your actions
Finally realize you were too hasty
But as she tries to turn around
She’s told “there is no going back”

You’re stuck here in this nightmare of fabricated dreams
You chose this escape, this is not a dream

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