Red Plastic Cups

May 21, 2008
By Abby Taylor, Princeton, IL

Red plastic cups,
Filled to the brim with my spirits.
Drink it down and forget a little while more.
In a haze you're socially accepted,
Even when you're puking on the bathroom floor.
(Someone will hold your hair back.)

Red plastic cups,
Filled to the brim with my desire.
Lowered inhibitions and pretty blood shot eyes.
In a haze you're lusted after,
Even when you're half alive on the bed he lies.
Someone will close the door.)

Red plastic cups,
Emptied with mornings after.
Throbbing heads, and snoring men by your side.
In a haze you go to leave,
But remember this is where you came to hide
(No one will see you go.)

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