May 21, 2008
By Madeleine Aquilina, Newton, MA

She sits waiting for dawn
So the cold night will succumb to sun beams
Her heart is played as a pawn
She isn’t on the right team

It’s not something she can control
I wish she would think
Before she’s left out freezing in the cold
With a heart black as ink

Now she’s chasing the impossible
The girl who everyone wants to be
I wish she was more sensible
And didn’t play for keeps

She enlarges her sorrowful tears
So they drown her like an ocean
I watch from a pier
Screaming with emotion

I wish she could plainly see
The simple delights
And be content with being free
No need to fight

Put your fists down
Take just one breath
Don’t worry, you are found
You deserve nothing less

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