Reaching Toward the Light

May 21, 2008
The loneliness mocks me, growling through its ugly head
All the evil and misfortune of the world come crashing down with unbearable force
A black hole of depression rips open below sucking up all my happiness and memories leaving me an empty shell
But then there’s the light
Far and small but there all the same
With the light comes warmth
And with the warmth comes a hope thawing out my frozen heart
I reach toward it, struggling against the force of the dark abyss
The radiant gleam hears my anxious battle and gives me strength
The strength comes from within and is soon radiating from every pore in my body
I make my way toward the light, now desperate to escape this miserable pit
As I gradually edge closer, the warmth grows stronger and my sufferings quickly decrease until nothing is left
The light grows bigger and brighter, calling to me in a beautiful musical voice
So lovely yet so powerful
Several eras later, I’ve reached the source
No larger than a beach ball, I eagerly ease through the entryway
Immediately, I’m overcome with bliss and tranquility
I’ve entered a new world of overwhelming beauty and peace
My soul soars as I make sense of all my troubles and now petty problems
I rejoice as I glide, weightless, through my newfound utopia
I know deep inside that because I’ve seen the “light” I could never be kept in the dark again

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