Speeding By

May 21, 2008
Speeding By
Top dogs at the school, smiling with excitement
count downs plastered on the walls
college talk bounces off one another in the halls

invitations gradually passing from one hand to the next;
pictures exchanged,
life’s future plans start to unfurl.
Do any of us stop to think?

All our firsts turn into lasts
Sports we’ve played, we may never play again.
Extra-curricular activities fade away.
Field trips gone forever.
“I am a Hornet” now becomes “I was a Hornet”
Familiar faces of students and teachers we might not see again.

Homework piles on the closer we get,
unsure of what is to come next.
Everything seems to weigh me down.
Time flies on by.
Tears well in my eyes.
The door closes.
Memories are left behind these walls, forever lingering;
As a new chapter begins.

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