May 21, 2008
By Sonia Malek, Phoenix, AZ

My head is spinning,
We were once one, brought together,
by one secret force.
You watched me, gave me your hand,
and without me knowing,
gave me your heart.
I was too slow, too fierce,
to understand what was right in front, of my very eyes.
You then left, just as quickly,
got fed up,
and gave your hand to another.
But it was still there,
that secret force,
which brought us together.
It over came the pain, the hurt,
and finally,
you gave me your hand again,
and this time
i quickly took it.
Without a single thought,
life was fine,
far too fine.
It was too good to be true,
that force.
But there was one thing,
one single thing,
that had finally,
made you take your hand,
away from mine.
And that thing,
that one single thing,
was me.

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