May 21, 2008
She sits all alone,
with someone right beside her,
she's far away though,
not a part of that world.
She hears the whispers,
she hears the taunts.
She wants to speak up,
but she doesn't know how.
She opens her mouth,
but no words come out.
She tries to form them,
but it all seems so muddled now.
She closes her eyes,
leans against the wall.
She cries, but yet,
the tears they don't fall.
She grabs her bag,
and runs to the bathroom.
It glints in her hand
her only friend and worst enemy.
The world holds it's breath,
waiting for her next move.
Especially her,
she waits for her own move.
She hears the door open.
She rushes out of the stall.
A girl stands before her.
The wild look is seen.
"Are you ok?" the girl asks.
"Help me," she whispers.
She's learned how to speak.

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