May 21, 2008
I hope each road you take will lead you where you want to go
Never look back and feel no sorrow
Have no regret for the one that you hurt
Try to forget all about her
But if not, when you hear her name know that she's happy and feels no pain
Walk with your head held high
Be glad that through it all you never made her cry
She holds no grudge
She knows it was what it was
Just a small dose of reality and how people can hold their heart of their sleeves is all it took
Keep thinking it was all worth it in the end
If you see her face later in life know that she's someone that will still treat you as a friend
She expected the worst and got what she deserved
Because of you she will never again give into temptation
She's moved on and taken it as a deminstration
So feel for someone like she did for you, but dont give in too fast, because it could all come unglued

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