The Problems Within

May 21, 2008
Dazed and confused.
My eyes closed to wonder.
Everything I saw, blurred.
Blinded by the evil around me.
I felt so alone.
Fearing all that was to become.
While stranded in a world,

As I tried to adventure my way through untold paths.

Like a leaf blown in the wind,
I live everyday in uncertainty.
Forced to follow in whichever direction the wind might take me.
Sometimes it’s the beautiful ocean shores.
But often just
Dark corners overflowing with troubling temptations.
For the dark always eluded me.
From ever seeking possible tranquility.
I thought I knew it all.
That’s probably why things went wrong.
I let the worst take the best of me.
But no longer shall I let that be!

So I begin my new journey,
Striding through lonesome paths.
With my head held high,
Holding no regrets.
In order to embrace what’s to be,
I must first see the light in front of me!

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