moving through the night

May 21, 2008
The blue sky shown
The air warm
The shuffle of feel on the hardwood floor

Boxes move from room to room
Slowly filling up with junk
Accumulated over the years

The moving truck up on the lawn
I watch chairs, couches and tables
Leave the house and enter the truck
Leaving for good

Hours roll by
The movers slow as ever
Waiting. Waiting .waiting

The stars shown in the sky
Almost halfway done
I was tired
From moving stuff around

Finally its almost midnight
The truck is fully loaded
The movers got in
And drove away

We arrived at the house
At almost one o’clock
It was time for bed
I lay a blanket on the door
And went to sleep

I awoke
The blue sky shown
I was at my new home
My life was in boxes

We spent all day unpacking
Junk from all our lives
Finding places to put it
In really strange places

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